Aimez-vous Beethoven ? (Do you like Beethoven ?)

This book suggests solutions so that social life, media, education… give art music its rightful place.

Today, “junkfood” is everywhere when it comes to listening to music. This book explains what makes a unique heritage so valuable, a treasure for humanity as it keeps being enriched by new works and interpretations: art music.

Among these solutions, two are particularly important to me.

 Music education

Let’s imagine this : if research proved that a certain type of food in canteens had bad effects on children’sperformance at school, and we did not change the menus: what a scandal !

However, this is exactly whathappens with musical practicefor children. A lot of studies have showed that it improvestheir cognitive ability and their sociability. And yet, art education remains a theoretical topic, lacking practical objectives.

Most pupils are deprived from legitimate music teachers and future maestros are not trained.

Discover musical works mentionned in « Aimez-vous Beethoven ? »

Music today

Art music has an outdated, even obsolete image. One of the main reasons is the absence of contemporary music in concerts programs.

Contemporary music does repeal the major part of the public. Indeed, we are still paying the high price of an absolute domination of the most complex and abstract compositions after World War II.

Nevertheless, Schoenberg, Debussy and Rachmaninov created works with opposite aesthetics at the same time. They are all essential for us.

The music of today will be able to regain its rightful place, provided it is supported by this diversity. That’s how art music will reconnect with the energy and vibrations of the present.

Initiate a debate !

I challenge orchestras, operas, festivals, conservatoires, libraries, bookshops, cinemas… to organize debates on these social topics.

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