Recording of the first Concert for Europe

par | Mai 12, 2017 | News

Voici l’enregistrement du premier Concert pour l’Europe.

A Concert for Europe

Today, some values need to be defended. Among them, the European project, mainly embodied by the European Union. It is a step backward and a very dangerous idea to draw a future without the
Union. Its flaw should not be a reason to want to destroy it. On the contrary, we should reform
it and give it a second life. Culture has three good reasons to defend Europe and its construction:
▬ its infinite richness;
▬ its diversity, as its languages
and people show;
▬ unity, the result of a common history and of a shared point of view on what is
Bruno Ory-Lavollée and a group of people from civil society are happy to invite you to a “Concert for Europe” in several steps. The first step will take place on Thursday, May 4th at 8:00pm at the Cité international universitaire in Paris, Deutsch de la Meurthe Foundation (free entry as long as seats are available/inscription via:
During the evening, one of Europe’s treasures, its music, will embody the beauty of the european idea. Music and text will highlight its roots and the dream that led to its foundation. Musicians and musical ensembles will play classical work of composers from various european countries. Texts will be read to illustrate the multiple reasons why one should want to (re)construct and embrace Europe. It will be e concert for the european project, for European cultures and for an Europe of Culture.

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